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Anyone of people, initiating in 1949 the construction of superphosphate manufacturing plant near small provincial town of Sumy in the north-east of Ukraine, could hardly imagine its further fate and its importance within the district.


Over 64 years of its existence, SUMYKHIMPROM grew to one of the most important chemical industrial associations in the country and one of backbones in Sumy region. Sumy city is much owed to SUMYKHIMPROM by its contemporary image.

The general principles, featuring our company, are: not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, maintain momentum, be one step ahead, not to quit in face of difficulties, to operate rationally and innovatively, be concerned for people in work at the company.

High professionalism, creative approach, active engineering concepts, ability to take non-standard and sometimes extreme decisions, commitments to success and exactingness at all times assisted to SUMYKHIMPROM personnel to be always on top in challenges.

Certain milestones in history of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM are associated with its managers: Mr. Pavel Gorbik – Director of Superphosphate Manufacturing Plant (1953 – 1969), Mr. Alexander Kravchenko – Director of Sumy Chemical Association (1969 – 1975), Director of Production Association KHIMPROM, from 1975 – General Director (1983-1995), Mr. Yevgeniy Lapin – General Director of PA KHIMPROM from 1995, JSC SUMYKHIMPROM Chairman of the Board (1996-2002) and (2007 – 2010), Mr. Nikolay Trofimenko – JSC SUMYKHIMPROM Chairman of the Board (2002 – 2007), Mr. Igor Lazakovich – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM Chairman of the Board from 2010, each of them contributed to the company development.

The history of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM represents 64 years of achievements and painstaking routine work. Supposedly, it’s the way to create and evolve a number of giants in domestic industry, each running its own way. Construction of chemical fertilizers manufacturing plant within conditions of destroyed and exhausted by terrible four year long war was the difficult but highly important undertaking. Sick land required revitalization to provide food for its defenders.

Therefore, in March 1946 the Soviet Government took the decision to construct the new superphosphate manufacturing plant in Ukraine to supply chemical fertilizers to agricultural manufacturers in chernozemic regions of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia.

On June 6th, 1947 the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the Soviet Union issued a regulation on superphosphate manufacturing plant with the capacity 200 thousand tons of simple superphosphate per annum to be constructed in Sumy city. Namely that day became the starting point of glorious history of SUMYKHIMPROM.

Midyear 1949 – commencement of construction Sumy Superphospahte Manufacturing Plant, guided by Mr. Leonid Podvorchansky – SUMKHIMSTROY Trust Manager and the nominated for construction period Director – Mr. Nikolay Nekhoroshev;
December 13th, 1954 – Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing Plant No.1 is launched into operation, the first batch of goods is produced and the given day came in history as the Birthday of Sumy Superphosphate Manufacturing Plant;
September 28th, 1955 – start up of superphosphate manufacturing plant No.1 to produce superphosphate in powder. Superphosphate manufacturing plant No.2 start up – December 1964;
1958 – start up of first kiln to produce defluorinated phosphates in November 1957; trial batch of defluorinated phosphates were produced, followed by norms of their consumption in cattle breeding approval by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR;
July 1958 – granulated superphosphate manufacture commencement, start up of granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant No.1. Granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant No.2 start up – January 1968;
May 1962 – start up of conceptually new sulphuric acid manufacturing plant with high level of automation (SAP -2);
October 26th, 1963 – start up of the first in the USSR titanium dioxide manufacturing plant;
March 2nd, 1964 – due to reorganizing the superphosphate manufacturing plant into multiprofile company, the Sumy Superphosphate Plant is renamed as Sumy Chemical Association;
March 1966 – yellow iron oxide pigment manufacturing plant start up. Red iron oxide pigment manufacturing plant start up – December 1972;
1966 – 1970 – aluminium sulphate manufacturing plant start up – December 1966, neutralization plant -1970;
December 29th, 1970 – titanium dioxide manufacturing plant No 2 start up;
January 15th, 1971 – sulphuric acid manufacturing plant No. 4 start up;
December 7th, 1973 – sulphuric acid manufacturing plant No. 5 start up;
December 27th, 1973 – pre-scheduled start up of the complex of manufacturing plants: ammophos, phosphoric acid (first line), fluorides. Start up of the second line of ammophos and phosphoric acid manufacturing plants in September 1975;
August 21st, 1975 – Sumy Chemical Association is reorganized into Production Association KHIMPROM;
February 17th, 1976 – by Decree of Supreme Soviet of the USSR, for over-fulfillment of the ninth five year plan in terms of production of chemical fertilizers and ammophos production pre-scheduled start up, PA KHIMPROM was the only among chemical companies of the USSR, awarded with the highest governmental award – the Order of Lenin;
January 1978 – liquid complex fertilizers manufacturing plant start up, sulphuric acid manufacturing plant No.6 start up;
1978 – four articles of the products range of Sumy PA KHIMPROM — liquid complex fertilizers, oleum, defluorinated phosphates and ammophos — are marked by State Standard Committee, attached to the Council of Ministers of the USSR with Governmental Quality Mark;
January 1979 – reactive acid manufacturing plant start up;
May 1982 – start up of the first in the Soviet Union sodium pyrosulphate manufacturing plant to produce conservant to silage green feed for cattle breeding;
December 30th, 1982 – paints and enamels manufacturing plant start up to produce PF enamels;
December 1984 – defluorinated phosphates ,amufacturing plant No.2 start up;
May 25th, 1991 – start up of new granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant with the capacity 675 thousand tons in place of technologically outdated and environmentally unsafe old productions;
November 12th, 1996 – PA KHIMPROM is reorganized in JSC SUMYKHIMPROM;
1997 – 1998 – energy saving project implementation at JSC SUMYKHIMPROM within TACIS program, developed by European Community for CIS countries, and entering the North African market of holding phosphorus raw materials;;
April 2003 – start up, in partnership with KEMIRA from Finland, the unit to manufacture holding iron sulphate coagulant (ISC) off titanium dioxide production by-product;
Late 2002 – early 2003 – new balanced chemical fertilizer SUPERAGRO, type N:Р:К 15:15:15, manufacturing process is adjusted;
April 2003 – production line upgrading to manufacture balanced chemical fertilizer SUPERAGRO is finished in compound chemical fertilizers manufacturing plant (CCFP);
2004 istoriya2– PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is acknowledged a winner in international rating «Golden Trade Marks» due to its oleum and compound chemical fertilizers SUPERAGRO production;
January 2005 – reconstruction of white filtration phase in titanium dioxide manufacturing plant No. 2 is initiated with installation of new press filters from Germany;
Year 2006 – Upgrading of Sulphuric Acid Plant No.4 is made with new catalytic converter installation.
Year 2007 – Construction of new lump sulphur warehouse is completed and launched into operation together with melting compartment.
June 2008 – construction of КСl production unit and the warehouse are finished and launched into operation in granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant, the trial production is made and the process is adjusted to produce compound chemical fertilizers N:Р:К, N:Р:S and N:Р:К:S at granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant;
September 2008 – the warehouse is constructed and the packing unit is launched into operation at iron oxide pigments manufacturing plant;
2008 – the construction of hydrolysis division is finished and started up in 2009 at titanium dioxide manufacturing plants;
2010 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is incorporated into State Holding Company TITANIUM OF UKRAINE;
September 2010 istoriya3– at regional phase of all-Ukrainian completion, the compound chemical fertilizers SUPERAGRO N:Р:К 15:15:15, produced by PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, were among 100 best products of Sumy region;
2010 – reconstruction of the 6th process line is finished at compound chemical fertilizers manufacturing plant;
March 21st, 2011 – the status of Cultural Centre KHIMIK is altered by resolution of the Panel of Sumy Regional Council of Trade Unions into the Palace of Culture KHIMIK;
August 8th, 2011 istoriya4– at regional level of all-Ukrainian competition, titanium dioxide pigment of trade mark «SumTitan», produced by PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, was among 100 best products of Sumy region in 2011; and the winner of review contest in nomination «Works and Services» was our Hotel Complex KHIMIK;
August 2011 – recreation camp ZORYANY for children is given the highest category of children’s health improving establishment;
2011 – the packing unit is modernized at united titanium dioxide manufacturing plant with installation of pallet wrapping machine;
– chemical fertilizers packing unit is launched into operation at granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant to pack fertilizers in big bags;
– construction and mounting works are executed at superphosphate manufacturing plant to transit to sewage-free flow chart;
– the production of new compound chemical fertilizers SUPERAGRO with boron incorporation: N:Р:К 14:23:14 +1% В203 and N:Р:К 14:18:18 +1% В203 is developed;
March 26th, 2012 – at XIIIth International Exhibition «Hotel and Restaurant Business of Ukraine» and XVIIIth International Tourist Exhibition «Ukraine – Travelling and Tourism», the affiliate of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM – Hotel Complex KHIMIK won the first place among three-star hotels of Ukraine, was among 100 best hotels of Ukraine and became the collective member of Ukrainian Academy of Tourism;
2012 – automation schedules to prepare flocculant in settling section and to feed triethanolamine in milling section are incorporated at united titanium dioxide manufacturing plant;
– construction and outfit to dispatch copperas monohydrate by BelAZ road vehicles is finished at sulphuric acid concentration plant;
– dechromator packing and dispatch unit is constructed and launched into operation at iron oxide pigments manufacturing plant;
– new units to process chemical fertilizers with anti-caking agent are launched into operation at granulated superphosphate and compound chemical fertilizers manufacturing plants;
– PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM was the first among Ukrainian companies to produce feed additive – iron sulphate for fodder industry. On September 19-20th, the Feed Additive Safety System was subjected to certification by auditor body Bureau Veritas Certification. To confirm the conformance with FAMI-QS standard, the Certificate No. UA227054 was issued on 23.11.2012;
-technical re-outfit was conducted at repair mechanical workshop, the new induction steel-melting furnace of high energy efficiency, high capacity and moulding quality was installed;
– the reconstruction of chemical water treatment section is made at water supply and sewage treatment plant with transfer of the two Na cation exchange filters to counter-stream regeneration, which permitted to improve their efficiency and to reduce the raw materials consumption.
February 2013 istoriya7– PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM was the leading company as per the results of unified general national economic rating in the sphere of foreign economic activities in 2012 and won the honourary awards – the medal and certificate «The Exporter of the Year»;
April 26th, 2013 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM won in regional labour safety review competition «For the Best Safe Work Place» among the companies in Sumy region in 2012. The winner’s cup and Diploma from regional administration of State Industrial Supervision of Ukraine in Sumy Region were presented at celebration on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work at the Palace of Culture KHIMIK;
2013 – the packing unit to pack the chemical fertilizers in big bags is launched into operation at compound chemical fertilizers manufacturing plant;
– the construction and mounting works are finished, and the mechanical unit to feed rock phosphate from granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant to phosphoric acid manufacturing plant is launched into operation;
September 2013 istoriya5– at regional level of the 10th anniversary of all-Ukrainian competition for the goods quality, our feed additive – iron sulphate grade F was among 100 best groducts of Sumy region;
November 1st, 2013 istoriya6– at the 10th anniversary of all-Ukrainian competition for quality of the goods (products, works, services) in Kiev, in nomination «The Goods of Production and Technical Assignment», the feed additive – iron sulphate grade F, produced by PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, was acknowledged the winner and was among 100 best products of Ukraine. Awards: Diploma, Logo and Certificate on Title to Apply Logo «Winner 2013» on packaging/label for the goods.
February 2014 – conforming to regulation by the Panel of Culture and Tourism Department of Nationalities and Religions, attached to Sumy Regional State Administration, No.5/4 dated 24.12.2013, the Public Museum of the History of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is awarded the title of «People’s Museum»
May  2014 – as per all-Ukrainian competition results within Ukrainian Federation of Trade Unions, our children’s recreation camp ZORYANY, attached to PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, was  acknowledged «The best children’s rehabilitation and recreation institution in 2013»
June 2014 – our plant for Superphosphate manufacture in granules has developed the production of new compound chemical fertilizers  grade N:P:K 5:16:36 within the implemented renovated system of technological process automatic control  (SCADA)
November 20th,2014 – at all-Ukrainian competition for the goods (products, works, services) quality, held in Kiev, in nomination «Products of manufacturing and technical assignment», the compound chemical fertilizer SUPERAGRO N:P:K 5:16:36, production of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, was acknowledged the winner and to be among the best 100 products of Ukraine
December 13th, 2014 – the team of Sumy chemical workers have celebrated the 60th anniversary of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM
Q1 2015 – new Titanium Dioxide improved high quality grades are developed and launched into production at our plant: SumTitan R2041 and SumTitan R2061 to be used in high quality water dispersion paints, road marking paints, plastics, paper manufactures
April 23-25th, 2015 – our volleyball team «Khimprom-SumDU» won silver award at XXIV Volleyball Championship of Ukraine on XIII round of 2014-2015 season among Superleague men’s teams
April 27-28th, 2015 – international auditor company «Bureu Veritas Сertification» has successfully maintained the certification audit of quality management system at the most important in Ukraine manufacturer of complex chemical fertilizers and pigments PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM for correspondence to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. New Certificate of Conformance No.UA 227832 was issued on May 05th, 2015
September 2015 istoriya10– at regional level of all-Ukrainian competition for goods (commodities, works, services) quality, our titanium dioxide pigment «SumTitan» new grades R2041, R2061 were among 100 best articles of Sumy region;
Q ІІІ, 2015 – the company has developed and launched into production the new, advanced, high quality, possessing improved dispersibility and light resistance, surface treatment with organic and inorganic compounds, titanium dioxide grades: SumTitan R2071 and SumTitan R208. The given grades are used in various types of paints and enamels production, water disperse paints, traffic marking paints, plastics, PVC profiles, paper, interior and exterior coatings;
July, 2016 istoriya10– at regional level of all-Ukrainian competition for goods (commodities, works, services) quality, our titanium dioxide pigment «SumTitan» new grade R2071, were among 100 best articles of Sumy region;
2016 – conforming to «PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM Technical Developments Investment Program for 2015-2016», the construction and commissioning of new site was undertaken to accept and dispatch iron copperas to produce iron sulphate at iron oxide pigment plant;
– International Auditor Company BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION conducted recertification audit of Environmental Management System at PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM. New Certificate of Conformity ISO 14000:2004 No. UA 228334 is issued on 18.11.2016.
April, 2017 – the Registration Certificate AB-03221-04-12 dated 12.04.2017 was obtained for Iron Sulphate for fodder industry enabling to produce and sell the given product;
July, 2017 – the Certificate for Titanium Dioxide all grades was obtained from European Laboratory ISEGA permitting to use Titanium Dioxide produced by PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM in plastics for food contact and children’s toys;
September-October, 2017 – Munksjo, Teknos OY conducted audit of Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Plant, resulted in PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM approval as reliable supplier of raw materials (Titanium Dioxide for those companies);
September, 2017 -Granulated Superphosphate Manufacturing Plant has launched into operation the new grade of compound chemical fertilizer N:P:K 6:24:1;
2017 – technical re-outfit of SCADA in settling division of Titanium Dioxide manufacturing plant;
– due to the funds of investment program at PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM for the year 2017, the scheduled overhaul of buildings and structures was executed in complete amount:
• in main premises of Associated TiO2 Manufacturing Plant;
• in Granulated Superphosphate Manufacturing Plant – division of customer-size package;
• main building of yellow iron oxide pigment division, AKTIVIZATOR Division, iron sulphate warehouse in Iron Oxide Pigments Manufacturing Plant;
• roof in finished goods re-seiving unit No.2 in Compound Chemical Fertilizers Manufacturing Plant;
• roof in furnace section of Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing Plant No.4;
• metal structures of exhaust chimneys in Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Plant and Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Plant No.2;
– new modern electrocardiograph was purchased and put in service at Medical Subdivision of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM;
February, 2018 – Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing Plant No.4 has developed and put on production the new high quality grades of Sulphuric Acid: accumulator acid and acid with low content of sodium for nuclear power industry;
March, 2018 – representatives from DC HAEK of ENERGOATOM conducted audit at PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM on reliability of the partner – Sulphuric Acid supplier. The auditors confirmed their wish to cooperate. First tank car of high quality Sulphuric Acid is dispatched to HAEK ENERGOATOM;
Q1 2018 – to save and approve our position on the market, the personnel of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM undertakes Titanium Dioxide quality improvement and stabilization; to identify whiteness of Titanium Dioxide, our laboratory have now the new modern digital devices X-Rite Ci7860 for production and release control;
April 16-17th, 2018 – International Certification Body – Bureau Veritas Certificaton successfully made recertification audit of Quality Management at PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM conforming to international standard ISO 9001:2015 requirements. New Certificate of Conformity is issued to the Management System of Development, Manufacture and Sales of Chemical Fertilizers, Inorganic Pigments, Acids, Salts of Inorganic Acids No. UА228811 dated April 23rd, 2018;
August 2018 – International Auditorship Company BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION has successfully made the re-certification audit of Environment Management System on PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM for conformance to International Standard ISO14001:2015. The new Certificate UA228334/1 dated 29.08.2018 was issued;
Оctober 2018 – acidic effluents gravity sever re-outfit was undertaken in associated titanium dioxide manufacturing plant with two new lines startup to discharge them from production lines in building No.1 and building No.2 and feed to the plant neutralization station;
December 2018 – construction and mounting operations are completed with new irrigating tower startup in sulphuric acid production plant No.4. It enabled to optimize the technological process, improve occupational and environmental safety;
December 2018 – as per the attestation results, with regulation by the Panel of Administration for Cultural Affairs attached to Sumy Regional State Administration No.195-OD dated 22.12.2018, the Museum of History of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is аwarded the title of «People’s Museum».
May 16th, 2019 – employees of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM: Executing Director Mr. Volodymyr Volkov, Deputy Head of Manufacturing and Engineering Department Mr. Sergiy Shkarupa, Chief Engineers of Manufacturing and Engineering Department Mr. Sergiy Skop and Volodymyr Dudka became laureates of prize from Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for participation in scientific work under the title “Development and Implementation of Innovative Process to Produce the Environmentally Friendly Agro-efficient Chemical Fertilizers Based on New Kinds of Phosphate Raw Materials”. This work enables to grow the environmentally friendly products with minimum impact on environment;
June, 2019 – All-Ukrainian Industry Expertise and Analytical Center has awarded the Palace of Culture KHIMIK of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM by award “Consumer’s Choice 2018” for persistent and successful multiannual service of the team, acting with high quality and playing important role in cultural progress and popularization of culture.
October 29th – 31st, 2019 – International Certification Body Bureau VERITAS Certification has conducted re-certification audit of Environmental Management System at PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM. No critical non-compliances to ISO14001:2015 found, Certificate No. UA228334 validity has been extended.
December, 2019 – Certificate on commemorative sign delivery – EMBLEM of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine is granted to PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM for its remarkable achievements in production, multiannual fruitful cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and on the occasion of 65th anniversary of the company foundation.
March, 2020 – New fertilizer grade SUPERAGRO NPS 18:20:14 manufacture startup. The peculiarity of this new fertilizer grade is its Sulphur content, further to the common main nutrients ratio, which promotes proteins synthesis and ensures redox chain occurrence. SUPERAGRO NPS 18:20:14 fertilizer features the complete absence of free acid, enabling to apply it on any kind of soil for main application during seeding and for plants nutrition. This fertilizer may be applied within sheltered ground conditions together with holding Nitrogen and Potassium fertilizers. Any fertilizer  mixtures may be prepared based on the given grade;
May, 2020 – Sumy Regional Center of Blood has marked the personnel of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM with “The Legend of Donor Action”  award on the occasion of professional holiday – Chemical Industry Worker’s Day;
August-December, 2020 – Теchnical re-outfit in division 1003 of Associated Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Plant with standby reduction unit installation, which will enable to increase the number of reductions to update Titanium Dioxide manufacturing process;
November, 2020 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM has joined UN Global Compact initiative on corporate responsibility with keeping the principles of human rights, labour relationships, environmental approach, anti-corruption etc. PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is the first company in chemical industry of Ukraine among this international initiative endorsers;
December, 2020 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is given the Cеrtificate conforming to ISO 45001:2018 International Standard in the sphere of occupational safety and health on Titanium Dioxide manufacturing site. Implementing it ensures the basis to increase occupational safety level, risks on workplace reduction, safe labour conditions formation and maintenance;
February 2021 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM was awarded with bronze mark from international company EcoVadis. This is the established company to evaluate sustainable business development and corporate social responsibility. EcoVadis audit evaluates companies as per four characteristics: environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement, business ethics;
Spring 2021 – New holding phosphorus compound chemical fertilizer NPS 10:42:4 set up in granulated superphosphate manufacturing plant. This compound chemical fertilizer incorporates key constituents – nitrogen and phosphorus, and supplementary micronutrients: sulphur, calcium.
The given grade of chemical fertilizer is intended to be applied in soil during sowing and planting of field agricultural crops, vegetables, flowers, currant shrubs, fruit and ornamental trees on various types of soils. Furthermore, this fertilizer is related to prolonged exposure as per plant nutrition elements, due to minimized ballast additives and completely absent hazardous or undesired impurities in it;
April 2021 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM was successfully subjected to Quality Management System recertification audit on conformance to International Standard ISO 9001:2015. QMS implementation check with the purpose of its certification is customarily conducted once in three years.
ISO 9000 standards address various aspects connected with products and services quality management. Availability of ISO 9001:2015 certificate serves as unmatched advantage for PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM in partnership relationships and grants competitiveness on international level;
April-June 2021 – New unit to feed potassium chloride by “wet procedure” was incorporated into technological process in NPK 10:26:26 fertilizer production process in compound chemical fertilizers manufacturing plant (Іst line).
This refined process enables to improve greatly the NPK granules uniformity and chemical composition consistency;
July 2021 – PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is given the Certificate No.55048 U 21 from independent German laboratory ISEGA, which certifies that titanium dioxide grades SumTITAN R-204, SumTITAN R-206, SumTITAN R-208, SumTITAN R-2061, SumTITAN R-2041 аnd SumTITAN R-2071 may be safely used as colourants and fillers in plastics intended for food packaging and children’s toys;
August 2021 – Children’s recreation centre ZORYANY of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM has confirmed its high accreditation level with validity for five years. 817 children were subjected to recreation in the given centre within three sessions during this summer season.