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Titanium Dioxide SUMTITAN R-2061

Titanium Dioxide SUMTITAN R-2061 — TiO2

TU U 24.1-05766356-054:2005

Safety Data Sheet

SDS_Titanium_Dioxide_Pigment SumTitat


Product Information

Application sphere

Is characterized by advanced atmospheric resistance, high optic properties. Is recommended to produce masterbatches, thermoplastics, high endurance polyvinylchloride both for interior and exterior applications, elastomers, rubber, paper (incl. paraffin and ornamental), paper coatings (incl. wallpaper), foodpackaging, leather, white cement, sealants, adhesives, solventborne semimatt paints both for interior and exterior applications, liners, putties, silicate paints, plaster mortars (incl. cement mortars), polymer coatings, powder coatings for interior applications, epoxy coatings, gum.


White powder

Molecular formula


Trade name

Titanium Dioxide pigment

Registration numbers

CAS № 13463-67-7; EINECS № 236-675-5; RTECS XR 2275000; Russian Register PHCBS No. AT000008 as of 27.01.94;

Registration number under (EC) Regulation No.1907/2006 (REACH): 01-2119489379-17-0029

Shelf life

12 months

Kind of packaging

Valve paper and water soluble paper bags 25 kg each on pallets (net weight 1000 kg), disposable PP containers big-bags (net weight 500 kg and 1000 kg).

Durability period


Storage and application conditions

Store in original manufacturer’s containers in closed dry warehouses. Avoid aerosol formation when handling. Apply individual respiratory protecting equipment.

Transport information

The product is transportable by all kinds of vehicles in accordance with carriage regulations, valid for the given kind of shipment. The cargo is not classified as dangerous under international carriage regulations. “Keep Dry sign is mandatory.

Physico-chemical indices

Indices denomination and measuring units


Titanium Dioxide, % by wt., min.


Rutile form, % by wt., min.


Volatile matter, % by wt., max.


Water soluble substances, % by wt., max.


рН of water suspension

6,5- 8,0

Residue on sieve 0045 mesh, %, max.


Bleaching capacity, conventional units, min.


Coverage potential, g/m2, max.


Dispersibility (dissolver), mkm, max.


Dispersibility (bead mill), mkm, max.


Particle size, mkm, max.1


Whiteness, conventional units, min.2


Oil absorption, g per 100 g of product, max.


Light resistance


Colour coordinates L, a, b values

L – min.


a – min.


b – max.


Surface treatment

with Silicium, Aluminium, compounds

Note 1: Average value is identified with sedimentation x-ray disc centrifuge XDC-BI.

Note 2: Test method: in tablettised powder, device – Ultrascan С/2grad.



Certificate of Compliance No. 40413 U 15 was issued on July 24th, 2015 by ISEGA independent German laboratory to confirm our titanium dioxide grades SumTITAN R-202, SumTITAN R-203, SumTITAN R-204, SumTITAN R-206, SumTITAN R-2041, SumTITAN R-2061 compliance with the demands of the following documents:

– Resolution АР (89) 1 on the use of colourants in plastic materials coming into contact with adopted by the Committee of Ministers on September 13, 1989;

– Commission Regulation (ЕU) No. 10/2011 оf 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, Оfficial Journal of the European Union L 12/1 оf 15 January 2011, last amendment by Commission Regulation (ЕU) No. 2015/174 оf 5 February 2015, Оfficial Journal of the European Union L 30/2 оf 6 February 2015,

– Regulation (EС) No. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and repealing Directives 80/59/EEC and 89/109/EEC, Оfficial Journal of the European Union L 338/4 оf 13.11.2004, modified by app. no. 5.17 of the regulation (ЕС) No.  596/2009 оf 18 June 2009, Оfficial Journal of the European Union L 188 оf 18.07.2009, article 3;

– Foodstuffs, Consumer Goods and Animal Feed Code (Foodstuffs and Animal Feed Code  – LFGB) in the version of the notification of 3 June 2013 (BGBI. I S. 1426), last amendment by article 2 of the law of 5 December 2014 (BGBI. I S. 1975), §§ 30 and 31;

– German Recommendation IX for the health-related evaluation of materials and objects for the contact with foodstuffs in the frame of the Foodstuffs and Animal Feed Code, 3rd memorandum, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 3, 235 (1960), including the 190th memorandum, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 37, 363 (1994), state of 1 January 2010,

– German Recommendation LII for the health-related evaluation of materials and objects for the contact with foodstuffs in the frame of the Foodstuffs and Animal Feed Code, 167th  memorandum, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 27, 289 (1984), including 214th memorandum, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 55, 291-294 (2012), state of 1 January 2012,

– DIN EN 71, part 3 “Safety of Toys, Migration of Certain Elements”, state of July 2013, category III,

and witnessing that titanium dioxide may be used safely as colourants and fillers for the manufacture of plastic materials for food packaging and kid toys.