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Quality control

Acceptance Control Laboratory

Our Joint-Stock Company incorporates laboratory to undertake acceptance control, attached to Centralized Technical Control Department and attested to perform measurements in operation spheres, targeted to human lives and health protection, and commercial operations safeguarding.

The laboratory conformance to attestation criteria is certified by Attestation Certificate No. РУ – 1116/12 dd. 12.12.2012, issued by attestation body SC SUMYSTANDARTMETROLOGY.

The laboratory is attested to conduct measurements when identifying physico-chemical properties and indices of chemical fertilizers, acids, salts and pigments.


As per requests from legal bodies of any property form or from physical bodies, the laboratory is in position to identify physico-chemical properties and indices of Titanium Dioxide pigment, red and yellow Iron Oxide pigments, holding Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium fertilizers, Sulphuric and Phosphoric acids, coagulants.

As per measurements results, the laboratory will issue its protocol of due form, without evaluation of product correspondence.

The services are granted on contractual basis. The costs are calculated per each kind of measurements upon further coordination with customer. Payment form is prepayment via bank establishment in accordance with regulations, stipulated by Ukrainian legislation in force, regulating payments by remittance.

Our contacts:

(0542) 683-413 – Head of Centralized Technical Control Department

Mrs. Lyudmila Koroleva

E-mail: otk@sumykhimprom.org.ua