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Sulfuric acid of commercial grade (Contact)

Sulfuric acid — H2SO4


Product information

Intended use Sulphuric Acid of commercial grade is applied to produce fertilizers, artificial fiber, caprolactam, titanium dioxide, ethyl alcohol, aniline dyes and in other productions, Sulphuric Acid reactive – as reagent.
Appearance Sulphuric Acid of commercial grade is oily liquid, transparent or with tint. Sulphuric Acid reactive is colourless, transparent, oily liquid, odourless, without sediment.
Molecular formula H2SO4
IUPAC name Sulphuric acid
Registration numbers САS № 7664-93-9; EINECS № 231-639-5
Normative documents НД-ТУ У.20.1. – 05766356 – 077:2015
Packaging Sulphuric Acid is dispatched in specialized railway tanks, in glass or polyethylene tare (bottles, cans); in other tare, ensuring integrity of the goods. Oleum is carried by specialized tankcars, equipped with heat insulation and heating device. Glass and polyethylene bottles or cans are closed with hermetic covers (corks), stipulating integrity of the goods. Glass bottles, polyethylene cans and flasks are packed in close-boarded cases, wooden boxes, polyethylene or metal drums, crates.
Storage conditions Sulphuric Acid should be kept in closed, rubberized or relined with acid-proof bricks, stainless steel vessels. Store in airtight tare, in cool, dry, adequately ventilated closed premises with solid flooring, isolated from combustible substances and reducers, strong oxidizers, strong alkali, food or feed products, -incompatible materials. Glass, polyethylene or stainless steel tare, kept in closed warehouses, is permitted.
Transport information To be carried by road (ADR) or railway (RID) vehicles, conforming to the valid for the given kind of transport regulations on cargoes loading, fixing and carriage. As per the international transport regulations, is classified as dangerous goods.

Physico-chemical indices for Sulphuric Acid of commercial grade (Contact) as per GОSТ 2184-77

Index Norm
Refined Commercial
1st grade 2nd grade
Monohydrate (H2SO4), % by wt. 92,5-94,0 min. 92,5
Free Sulphuric Anhydride (SO3), % by wt., min.
Iron (Fe), % by wt., max. 0,006 0,02 0,1
Calcination residue, % by wt., max. 0,02 0,05 Not rated
Nitrogen Oxides (N2O3), % by wt., max. 0,00005 Not rated
Arsenic (As), % by wt., max. 0,00008 Not rated
Chloride compounds (Cl), % by wt., max. 0,0001 Not rated
Lead (Pb), % by wt., max. 0,001 Not rated
Transparency Transparent without dilution Not rated
Colour, cm3 of blank solution, max. 1 6 Not rated