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Sulphate Ammonium

Ammonium Sulphate fertilizer — (NH4)2SO4


Intended use

Аmmonium Sulphate fertilizer is a granulated holding Nitrogen fertilizer, incorporating in its structure the secondary nutrient Sulphur (in form of sulphate) and microelement Iron. The most efficient use of Аmmonium Sulphate fertilizer is on alkaline and neutral soils for general application and in rows, to ensure nutrition with Nitrogen during vegetation, under all agricultural crops. May be used as raw material to prepare mixed fertilizer. Recommendations on Аmmonium Sulphate fertilizer application norms: winter wheat – 200 kg/ha; spring grains – (100-150) kg/ha; maize – (300-400) kg/ha; sugar beet – (450-500) kg/ha; sunflower – (200-250) kg/ha; rape – (300-350) kg/ha.

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