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Compound chemical fertilizer SUPERAGRO, grade NPК 4:20:20

TU U 24.1-05766356-045-2002

Safety Data Sheet



Product information

Appearance Granules of light pink colour (upon customer’s requirements, may be of other colour)
Molecular formula Not applied. The product is multicomponent, represents the blend of Ammonium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Ammonium Phosphate bibasic, Ammonium Phosphate monobasic, Carbonyldiamide (urea)
Compound fertilizer may be produced, enriched with sulphur, calcium (secondary nutrients) and with trace elements (boron, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum)
Normative document ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
registration certificate
Series А No. 02635
Registration numbers,
conforming to (ЕС)
Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH)
For KCl – not required, 01-2119455044-46-0091; 01-2119490974-22-0042; 01-2119488166-29-0044; 01-2119463277-33-0048
Guaranteed shelf life For packed product – 2 years
from the date of manufacture; unpacked – 6 months from the date of manufacture
Durability period Unlimited
Packaging – five-, six-layer paper bags, grades БМ, ВМ, ПМ, (50±1) kg each;
– polyethylene bags М8-0,220, М10-0,220, М12-0,220, (50±1) kg each;
– imported polyethylene bags, polypropylene bags with open spout, (50±1) kg each;
– polypropylene valve bags with polyethylene inner layer, (50±1) kg each;
– disposable polypropylene soft containers, up to 1000 kg each;
– small bags of polyethylene film or film bags, made of other polymer materials
and application conditions
Store in manufacturer’s packaging in covered warehouses, preventing from atmospheric precipitations and soil waters ingress or product contamination. To prevent the risk for humans and environment, keep recommendations on application in agriculture or private economy in accordance with application norms: winter wheat – 250 kg/ha, grain crops -150-200 kg/ha, potatoes – 250-300 kg/ha, sugar beet – 450-500 kg/ha, sunflower -200-250 kg/ha
Transport information The cargo is not classified as dangerous under International Carriage Rules. The product is carried by all transport means (by railway, road, sea, air) in accordance with carriage rules, valid for the given kind of transport. «Keep Dry» sign is mandatory.

Physico-chemical indices

Indices and measuring units Norm Analysis (control) method
and trace elements
1 Total Nitrogen (ammoniated or ammoniated and amide, % by wt. 4 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
2 Total Phosphates in terms of Р2О5, % by wt. 20 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
3 Potassium in terms of К2О, % by wt. 20 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
4 Sulphates in terms of Sulphur (S), % by wt., min. 2 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
5 Calcium in terms of СаО, % by wt., min. 3 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
6 Boron (В), % by wt., min. 0,1 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002

and GОSТ 5956

7 Manganese (Мn), % by wt., min. 0,1 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002

and GОSТ 5956

8 Zinc (Zn), % by wt., min. 0,1 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002

and GОSТ 18918

9 Copper (Сu), % by wt., min. 0,1 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002

and GОSТ 18918

10 Molybdenum (Мо), % by wt., min. 0.05 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002

and GОSТ 5956

11 Water, % by wt., max. 1 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
12 Cadmium (Cd) per Р2О5 unit, mg/kg, max. 59 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
13 Lead (Pb) per Р2О5 unit, mg/kg, max. 50 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
14 Arsenic (As) per Р2О5 unit, mg/kg, max. 35 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
15 Granulometry.
Granules, sized:
from 1 mm to 5 mm, % by wt., min.
under 6 mm, %
Product in small prepackages:
granules, passed through the sieve No. 6 under GОSТ 3826, %



ТУ У 24.1-05766356-045:2002
16 Static strength of granules, МPа (kgs/cm2), min 2,0 (20) ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
17 Р Friability, % 100 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
18 Effective specific activity of natural radionuclides, Bq/kg, max. 1850 ТU U 24.1-05766356-045:2002
Note 1. When compound fertilizer is manufactured with the established nitrogen and phosphorus ratio, permitted tolerance per each nutrient percentage by weight amounts to ± 1 %.

Note 2. . Indices «Calcium in terms of СаО % by wt.» and «Sulphates in terms of Sulphur % be wt.» are evaluated upon customer’s requirement.

Note 3. Для продукту в дрібному фасуванні показники «статична міцність гранул» і «розсипчастість» не нормуються і не визначаються.

Note 4. «Friability» index is identified at the customer’s.