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Striving for persistent sustainable development, PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM perceives that its manufacturing activities induce certain anthropogenic impact on environment. With the purpose to minimize this impact and to ensure the high level of corporate social responsibility in part of environment protection,



– to consider the external and internal aspects, context and conditions relevant to the company activities and environment;

– to undertake the manufacturing activities in compliance with normative documents and environmental legislation of Ukraine requirements;

– to ensure preparedness to emergencies potentially impacting on environment, respond to them in due time and to minimize their possible consequences;

– to decrease the level of environmental impact from the company manufacturing activities;

– to conduct research and developments on new technologies, methods and materials implementation, ensuring the environmental management programs execution;

– to contribute to production upgrade, targeted to negative impact on environment decrease;

– to ensure the necessary planning and funding to keep the environmental requirements;

– to make measurements, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of main environmental parameters considering environmental performance upon business decision making targeted to negative impact on environment decrease;

– to undertake the environmental risks analysis and forecasting based on environmental evaluation and monitoring results targeted to their minimizing and guided management implementation;

– to identify the environmental risk level, stipulated by the company manufacturing activities;

– to ensure environmental control with the purpose to keep the mandatory requirements;

– to promote the personnel awareness in the sphere of environment protection and on ecological aspects;

– to interact creatively with state authorities, civil societies and other involved parties with the purpose of efficient environmental decision making;

– to ensure the environmental policy integration in other documents stipulating the main principles of the company development;

– to stipulate access to the company environmental policy for unlimited scope of persons;

– to undertake regular revision of this policy with the purpose to ensure its up-to-dateness.

This environmental policy is targeted to achieve the strategic environmental objectives and should be considered in their development.

Keeping this Environmental Policy is mandatory for each PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM employee.


Executing Director                                               V.М. Volkov