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Recreation Camp

Public Joint-Stock Company SUMYKHIMPROM affiliate – Recreation Camp ZORYANY

Address: Ukraine, Sumy region, Sumy district, village Olshanka.
tel.: (0542) 683-610, 683-757, 683-554.

PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM АО invites children to spend their summer vacations in RC ZORYANY

Make their summer vacations unforgettable for your children!

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1 First session 01.07.2021 14.07.2021
2 Second session 15.07.2021 06.08.2021
3 Third session 09.08.2021 29.08.2021

We guarantee that you children will admire their recreation!

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Contact telephone numbers: 683-155, 683-610, 683-674, 050-327-29-15.

fax 683-456  e-mail:  zoryany@sumykhimprom.org.ua

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RC ZORYANY enables to recreate 320-360 children at one time. Arrivals are organized in summer and during winter vacations.The groups are formed considering age of children, their interests and desires. Children at age from 6 to 16 years are entertained.

Recreation camp ZORYANY is situated on picturesque bank of the Psyiol river in environmentally safe zone, 20 km away from Sumy city, in the central part of Slobozhanschina area. Mixed forest, clear river with water lilies, sandy beach, shedding herbal flavor meadows, create inimitable landscape to have good time and to rehabilitate ones health. Camp territory occupies 14 hectares, its land is covered with miscellaneous herbs, forming green carpet.


Accommodation conditions:

The children are accommodated in comfortable two-storied buildings, with 4-5 inhabitants in one room. Each storey is equipped with two sanitary rooms, showers, washstands, leg washers with continuous hot water supply. A comfortable hall, equipped with soft furniture and the necessary consumer electronic appliances, is available to collect the children for games and discussions.

Medical care:

The aim of medical care program is to rehabilitate the children’s organism in harmony.

For children, having problems with musculosceletous system or requiring rehabilitation after medical operations or diseases, there exists therapeutic physical training program.



Medical program includes:

  • treatment with mineral waters,
  • dentistry,
  • phitotherapy,
  • physiotherapeutic procedures,
  • aromatherapy,
  • vitaminisation.

Medical block is equipped with modern medical appliances. Skilled therapeutists and nurses take care of children’s health.


The integral part of recreation and rest at RC ZORYANY is adequately balanced and sound diet. The guests are given nourishing, rich with vitamins meals five times a day, as well as dietotherapy under strict control of city sanitary officials. Daily diet for children includes fresh fruit, natural juice, various sweets and bakery.



RC ZORYANY offers interesting and miscellaneous recreation for children. Skilled pedagogic professionals organize competitive programs, concerts, shows and parties, and games for children every day. Morning exercises, sport games and competitions, basketball court, football field, table tennis will help to rehabilitate energy and acquire excellent physical form. The boys and girls enjoy walking tours, outdoor recreation, swimming in the river.

Cinema and concert hall, library, swing sets, shooting gallery and billiards are at the disposal of camp attendants.

The children’s desires are considered in first turn when forming the program of recreation and entertainment.

Skilled pedagogical staff of RC ZORYANY enjoys the right to look after children, they do their best to organise healthy and attractive leisure. Each child may act as central body at the parties «Jolly Market», «Midsummer Day», «Treasure Island», «Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted», get the pleasure and receive award. To make the pleasure useful, there exists «Placement Service». Children are happy to make some job, they are paid with «laxy» – monetary unit on the camp territory. In the evening all the guests are collected at fireplace to sing songs, dance and applaud to the newly appeared stars.

Each teenager may find an interesting occupation in hobby groups of making soft toys, origami, floristics, chess and checkers, amateur performances, children’s press-centre, radio and cinema studio.

ZORYANY – is a friendship.

ZORYANY – is unforgettable impression of quick transient childhood.

ZORYANY – is a wide range of occupations and interests, a possibility to feel mighty, talented and happy.