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Sumy, Kharkivska str., p/o 12
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Sanatorium-Preventorium OLDYSH

PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM Affiliate Sanatorium-Preventorium OLDYSH

Аddress: Sumy, p/o Оldysh-1,40003
License: АГ АГ No.602360 dd. 14.07.2011
Аccreditation: highest category, Certificate No.006287

Check-ins schedule:

№ заезда Начало заезда Конец заезда
1 27.05.2019 13.06.2019
2 18.06.2019 05.07.2019
3 09.07.2019 26.07.2019
4 30.07.2019 16.08.2019
5 20.08.2019 06.09.2019
6 10.09.2019 27.09.2019

Vacation package price amounts to UAH 9846.


You may acquire vacation package, covering any number of days in each session. The cost of sojourn per 1 day (board, sanitation, accomodation) amounts to UAH 547.

You will need Health Card, form 072/о (to be issued in policlinic as per your residence address).


PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM Affiliate, Sanatorium-Preventorium OLDYSH is arranged on wonderful wildlife spot in picturesque outskirts of Sumy city. Due to fresh air of pine forest, beautiful landscapes of the Psyol river and the lake Oldysh, the personnel of PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, city inhabitants and district residents, as well as the visitors from other regions, arriving to accept efficient therapy and to have a nice time, are happy to visit our sanatorium-preventorium, existing over a number of years.

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Following therapeutic and preventive treatment courses are efficiently conducted by sanatorium-preventorium units:

1. Diseases of nervous system.
2. Diseases of musculoskeletal system.
3. Diseases of respiratory organs and ENT.


Natural therapeutic resources:

Peloids: sulphide muds.

Diagnostic methods:

Instrumental and functional diagnostic methods.

Methods of therapy:


Climatotherapy: promenades along the sanatorium territory, aerotherapy, speleotherapy.

Medical gymnastics (kinetotherapy): therapeutic physical training, short-distance tourism.

Balneotherapy: «dry» carbon dioxide baths, oxygen baths, pearl baths, iodide-bromine baths, sodium chloride baths, baths with medicinal herbs.

Peloid and heat therapy: mud applications, mud compresses. Electric light therapy and other kinds of instrumental (artificial) physiotherapy: galvanization and electrophoresis, ultrasonic treatment and phonophoresis, LF magnetotherapy, DMH therapy, laser therapy, d’arsonvalization, electromyostimulation, interference therapy, ultrasonic inhalation, singlet oxygen therapy, air ion therapy, speleotherapy, mechanotherapy.

Therapeutic massage: manual massage (general one and on separate body parts): traditional, segmental etc.; instrumental massage: pneumomassage, vibratory massage etc.

Other therapeutic methods: phytotherapy, medicamental therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, medicinal cosmetic treatment, treatment with bischofite.



Gymnastics on fitness facilities, dental and cosmetic services, swimming in pool, billiards, well equipped recreation centre, comfortable bedroom blocks; café, providing excellent meals; as well as highly professional medical services, will assist to general health promotion of our visitors. .