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Aluminium Sulphate, commercially pure

Aluminium Sulphate, commercially pure — Al 2( SO4)3        

Safety Data Sheet

Product information

Intended use For water treatment of economic and drinking or industrial assignment; to be applied in paper, textile, tanning and other industries.
Appearance Irregular lumps or grains of white colour
Molecular formula Al 2( SO4)3  
IUPAC name Aluminium sulphate
Registration numbers САS No. 10043-01-3; EINECS No. 233-135-0
Normative documents GОSТ 12966-85
Packaging Aluminium sulphate is packed in specialized soft containers of IBC-1,0 С, IBC-1,0 М and IBC-1,0 С types.
Storage conditions Aluminium sulphate is kept in bulk or in bags, in closed warehouses or on sites with solid flooring, or in hoppers. Containers are kept on specialized sites. The product, packed in containers, is permitted to be kept on clean open sites, equipped with solid flooring and water drain. Storage period is unlimited.
Transport information Aluminium sulphate is carried packed or in bulk. Aluminium sulphate in bulk is carried by covered railway wagons or in road vehicles; bagged or packed in containers product is carried by any kind of transport, except air transport, in covered transport facilities in accordance with carriage rules, applied to the given kind of transport. The product, packed in specialized soft containers, is permitted to be forwarded by open vehicles. Is suitable for carriage by road (ADR) or railway (RID) vehicles, conforming to the valid for the given kind of transport regulations on cargoes loading, fixing and carriage.

As per the international transport regulations, is not classified as dangerous goods.

Physico – chemical  indices

Index Norm for grades
1st grade 2nd grade
Appearance Free flowing platelets, irregular shaped and sized lumps with maximum weight 10 kg, white colour (light grey, blue or pink tints are permitted)
Aluminium oxide, % by wt., min. 16 15
Non-soluble in water residue, % by wt., max. 0,3 0,7
Iron in terms of Iron (III) Oxide, % by wt., max. 0,02 0,30
Free Sulphuric Acid (H24), % by wt., max. Withstands the test under GОSТ 12966-85 0,1
Arsenic in terms of Arsenic (III) Oxide, % by wt., max.