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Iron Sulphate (cement admixture)

Iron Sulphate (dechromator) — FeSO4 . n H2O


Product information

Designation Coagulant for water and sewage treatment, to be applied as dechromator in cement industry to reduce water soluble Cr (VI) content, in iron oxide pigments production
Appearance Loose crystals, coloured from grey-green to grey-brown
Molecular formula FeSO4 . n H2O
IUPAC name iron (ІІ) sulphate
Registration numbers САS № 7720-78-7; EINECS № 231-753-5
Registration number
conforming to Regulation
(ЕС) №1907/2006 (REACH)
Normative document ТU U 24.1-05766356-072:2010
Guaranteed shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture
Expiry period Unlimited
Packaging Disposable soft Polypropylene containers, type IBC-1,0 С, with Polyethylene inner layer
Storage conditions Protect from moisture and direct sunlight. Store in covered dry cool warehouses and on sites with solid flooring in bulk or in manufacturer’s packages, preventing
from atmospheric precipitations or ground waters ingress.
Transport information The product is carried by rail (RID), road (ADR) or sea (IMDG) transport in accordance with carriage rules, applied to the given kind of transport.
Is not subjected to Rules for Carriage of Dangerous Goods as per the Regulation by Ukrainian Ministry of Transport and Communications згідно наказу No.1430 dated 25.11.2008.
«Keep Dry» sign is mandatory .

Physico – chemical properties

Indices denomination Norm for grades Test method
Total Iron in terms of Fe2O3 ,% by wt., min. 35 39 ТU U 24.1-05766356-072:2010
Fe2+, % by wt., min. 25 28 ТU U 24.1-05766356-072:2010
Sulphates, % by wt., min.:
– in terms of SO42-
– in terms of SO32-
ТU U 24.1-05766356-072:2010
Hygroscopic moisture, % by wt., max. 5 5 ТU U 24.1-05766356-072:2010
Losses at drying at 105 °С, % by wt., max. Not rated 9 ТU U 24.1-05766356-072:2010
Note. «Losses at drying % by wt.» index is identified for grades А , and upon customers’ requirements.