40003, Ukraine
Sumy, Kharkivska str., p/o 12
Commercial service
+38 (0542) 67-42-14


PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM is in position to manufacture and repair the wide range of equipment and spare parts for chemical, construction and agricultural industries:

1. Spare parts and components to centrifugal pumps of cradle-mounted and submerged types, grades:

ТХИ-500/20; НХ-72/20; АХ-125; АХ-200; АХ-280.

2. Fan impellers, grades:

ВМН 17Н; ВМН 15Н; ВВД 9; ВНЖ 13,5; ВД 12,5.

3. Bearing housings, any dimension types (cast or welded design).

4. Cast iron pipeworks and elements, sized up to 500 mm and to 2000 mm length (coils, elbows, T-joints, passages).

5. Tanks and vessels, capacity under 150 m

6. Rectangular compensators, diameter under 2200 mm.

7. Transport equipment (conveyers).

8. Stirrers of gate, anchor, paddle and propeller types.

9. Screw conveyors, diameter up to 600 mm, length under 4000 mm.

10. Pinch valves to pipeworks, diameter from 50 mm to 200 mm and under 0,6

To pursue ordering procedure, the approved design documentation availability is a must.

Contact address: Sumy, PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM, Mechanic Repair Workshop. Contact telephone: (0542) 683-710; 683-780.


Furthermore, we are in position to manufacture metal parts:

• metal structures, staircases, stairs, grids, gates, doors, fences etc. as per drawings from the customer.

Contact telephone: (0542) 674-287; 683-806.